Jordan Lorin Burdett

Jordan Burdett
It's a BOY!!

After 9 months and what seemed like an ETERNITY to Diane, Baby Jordan has finally made his way into the world.

(OK, With the help of the doctor)

Born: Thursday, July 29th, 1999 @ 7:51AM
Weight: 7 lbs 13oz.
Length: 20 Inches
Place: Ogden, Utah

We are happy to announce that both Mother and Son are doing very very well!!!
He's got blond curly hair, just like dad. (Poor guy)

Click on each of the Links below to see pictures of our new addition
See how much I weigh!
Oooooooohhhh! Cold Hands!!
Hey, who turned on the lights?
This is my Grandma Smith
This is my Grandma Burdett
They both love me!
What are YOU looking at?!?
They keep touching me...
The Men of the House
I'm beginning to like this...
Hey! Check out my new toy!
I Love my little Brother!
I love Kisses from my BIG Brother
Happy Birthday Jordan
Feed Me!!!
A Little Shade
More Shade
More Hair...
We want a new baby too
A little help to eat
Peace and quiet at last...
I want a baby...
I am the BIG Brother
SEE! I have hair
I'm Stuffed!
Bright Light!!!
Grandpa Burdett

Copyright ©1999 Troy Burdett